A failure of journalistic ethics gave us Trump because we, the citizens, allowed the watchdogs to morph into demagogues. Check out NPR's Code of Ethics to find hope in the future of news media.
Today is the pre-launch of the Summit for Democracy. It begins with a variety of cabinet level thematic events to spotlight key Summit themes, including…
Like my father, I grew up economically advantaged. So it's taken me time and effort to understand the importance of the "Middle-Class Constitution"
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The second Summit for Democracy is taking place at the end of this month on March 29-30.
The publication date of "How to Save Democracy: Advice and Inspiration from 95 World Leaders" is March 14.
Almost two and a half years after the 2020 presidential election, a movement seems to be gathering steam to defeat the Big Lie
Books will be mailed out on March 14
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