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I do so hope there is a pathway to restoring voting rights but I fear that is unlikely with state control backed by the current Supreme Court. I’m reading a rather bleak book, The Undertow by Jeff Sharlet, that paints an altogether different picture of a good portion of the electorate untethered from reality and fired up in their religious devotion to TFG. The Id of the American Right is very much in control.

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Thanks, Angus. We have to fight the Good Fight no matter the odds, of course. Good to hear about The Undertow. I have just queued up a short video to watch. Please keep sending stuff like that.


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It's petrifying to imagine what will happen to the USA if Red is turned Blue. Democrat-dominated California has lost more tax income revenue due to migration out of this failed state than any other state. A variety of analyses have shown that California lost approximately over $300MM in tax income because of migration out in 2021. All of those wealthy, entitled Blues, who voted for decades for dangerous tax and social policy, are escaping the California they created, while the hard working middle class is stuck in dangerous and decaying cities like LA and SF. (Deep Blue New York came in second with a net loss of $299.6 million and Democrat-run Illinois was third with $141.7 million.) The Blues (especially the entitled, wealthy, progressive leftists) voted to ruin these economies and endangered their residents... and now the entitled are running away. We can only hope these hypocrites don't bring their destructive policies, from the states they ran away from, to the safe and prosperous Red states.

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