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So you admire the ultimate voter fraudsters, like Stacy Abrams who for years claimed she was the actual Governor of Georgia. And the multitude of Dems who lied about 2016 , claiming Trump won by Russian interference, a psyops hoax perpetrated by the DNC and HRC and a colluding Press. And all of the actors/musicians who made commercials and YouTube videos telling the Electoral college to deny Donald Trump the electoral votes he needed.

But of course the truth of the 2020 election was detailed by Molly Ball, who explained to those who didn't have the critical thinking skills, the "cabal" and "conspiracy" of collusion between DNC, technocrats, and corporate oligarchs to spend billions to change voting laws (many unconstitutionally), send out ballots to known inaccurate voter rolls (180k removed from PA's rolls alone), censor facts and create disinformation (ie Biden laptop and the lying 51 security signers), and "fended off voter-suppression lawsuits, recruited armies of poll workers and got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time", all of these efforts creating layers of fraud, known by that cabal, and detailed by Ms. Ball.

Are you aware of any of those facts and support it? Or just another victim of the hoaxes?

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